[Resolved] Recovering / version control



Is there any kind of version control on Dropsource? I can’t find anywhere to revert back to an old version.


Reason I ask is because randomly the editor deleted a big group of my page. I’ve had to since recreate it (which I was glad to do as meant I could cement some of the learning) - but now my app is failing to build. I don’t have any errors being flagged though.

Is someone able to take a look? The most recent build ID that has failed is 1128745971363087270.

Thanks in advance!


Hi @greg_mosley,

There is not a version control feature but we do have the ability to duplicate project. Some users use this as a means of bookmarking a spot in their development to be able to use as a guide later if need be. In the dashboard where your projects are listed, you’ll see a gear icon. Click that and you’ll see the Duplicate Project option.

As for this Build ID investigation. I have reached out to Engineering for more information on this 1. It seems like something is going wrong with the build cycle, most likely something to deal with this anomaly event you’ve described.

I’ll report more info here as soon as I receive word back.


Thanks Wade, I’ll do that before embarking on any big changes in the future. Appreciate sending on to Engineering - as far as I’m aware I’m doing everything the same way as before, except now all my elements are within a dynamic list/ dynamic list tile which is being populated from an API call, so would be good to see what is causing the issue.


Hey @greg_mosley it’s time to test some changes. Would you sign out of dropsource, sign back in, go into your project, and build it. Let me know if things work out.


@greg_mosley I saw you liked the last reply. Does that mean you are back on track since our internal updates?


Yep it was able to build successfully thanks :slight_smile:


Excellent to hear! Thanks for the follow-up @greg_mosley. I’ll pass the kudos onto Engineering!


I’m attempting to use this approach and it seems like an acceptable solution for version control, minus the fact:

  1. My build starts and just continues (never finishes or completes)
  2. I cannot download source code if I have to fix an issue in production (previously released app store problem), and re-deploy. I see from an abuse standpoint why you do it, so subs can’t create build for projects they are not paying for. But is there a way to get a downloaded copy of fixes, even if you guys provided it us yourselves?


In our current offering, we cannot. We do recognize this is a bottleneck and we can offer insights through the use of forum as we’ve been doing. It’s not a complete solution but for the time being, this is where we’re currently at.


So other than just making the copy of the project, if I cannot build it, or get the source code to deploy fixes, what can I do with this copy project functionality? For people building real businesses behind their Dropsource apps, this is essential.


Copying the project is a way of “branching” in a Git/source control situation. It’s not an end all solution for sure.

In the current implementation, when you incur a build error that you can’t solve on your own and need more guidance and depth, reach out in the forum with a post that supplies what you’re currently building, where you think the error could relate to based on what/where you were working within the app and supply the failing Build ID number. We can dig deeper into the context internally and provide greater insight. It’s not the most graceful system but it’s where we’re at in our product offering currently.


I get where you guys are going with the project copying, and that’s cool. But, I was hoping I could use it to fix an issue with an old build that’s in production and redeploy, not necessarily get troubleshooting assistance. It would keep me from having to wait until I finished up new functionality in a current build before deploying a fix. Is there any chance this will be possible functionality in the future.


I agree it’s not a perfect system but it’s currently where we are at.

As for if it will change in the future, I can’t be certain but there’s currently nothing on the timeline to update this. However, the engineers are working on the next version of Dropsource and we’re looking forward to this moving forward.