[RESOLVED] Paypal Payment Issue


Chris, I’m sorry to hear this. From what I can tell, Braintree will only reject clients that they deem have a high risk business model. Please see this link https://articles.braintreepayments.com/risk-and-security/underwriting/overview. If this is a business model you want to pursue you might to provide a guarantor. We will need more information on the rejection in order to help further.

From the Dropspource perspective, we have implemented Braintree’s standard Drop in UI (https://developers.braintreepayments.com/guides/drop-in/overview/ios/v4) so there should be no technical issues as this is the most basic and standard way of accepting payments.

Regarding the save errors can you please hard reload your project and try and save again?


No, Braintree says our model is high risk and it’s a car wash service…really? I think this was a bad choice in vendor. I will just build a custom Stripe solution, which is the direction I think you should have done with. Why would you guys pick a vendor with an underwriting process. This will handcuff developers on the creative process. Why not go with Stripe, more popular, no underwriting, and a great track record. You should look to reconsider.


Hello Chris,

Sorry you’re having a difficult time with Braintree. Braintree isn’t a 3rd party vendor. PayPal owns Braintree and this is the recommended route to follow from PayPal that they’ve setup and we’ve stepped through their integration process. Have they given any hard details to you that we can look into? From our perspective, we followed the steps for proper integration. Perhaps they shared something specific with you that we can look into from our side?

You are welcome to go a Stripe route if you prefer instead. Perhaps it’s going to work out better for your use case.


The issue is not technical, your business model has to get approved for payment processing. They will not approve our model even though we have removed all risk. They are very ambiguous with their reasoning, leaving an open door to approve and reject who they want. It’s very frustrating and would not surprise me if you get more complaints from your other customers. But FYI, I can’t forward with working on my project because it has not been able to save anything since May 28th. Can someone please look at that?


I see. We will look for patterns moving forward when it comes to PayPal integration here.

Yes we can look into this new issue. Would you create a new forum post to separate it and give it its on context here please?


I had already created a ticket and Fernando has resolved the save issue. Thanks.