[RESOLVED] Paypal Payment Issue


I am getting an error when trying to process payments in the production environment. I’m getting “There was an error setting up this payment. Please visit the Paypal website to check your account.” I spoke with PayPal development, and they said you guys are missing the “Secret ID”. The also said they aren’t even getting any logs for payment requests from the client. But requests are working in the sandbox environment, but they also said they were surprised to see sandbox requests work without the Secret ID. Please assist.


Hi Chris,

May I get a successful build id from you to look deeper into this please?


Build ID: 1124390295237413242


Hello @wade Any update on this?


Any update on this Paypal issue. We cannot launch without this working. Could someone please provide an update?


We desperately need to hear something regarding this issue.



I am looking into this issue with PayPal on our side and will let you know as soon as I know more.



I’m working with Engineering on this as this might be an internal issue on our side regarding our PayPal integration. I will be back to you with more info as soon as I receive more. Thanks for your patience while we work this internally. Also, thank you for bringing this to our attention.


No problem, we just wanted to make sure it was getting your attention. Please keep us in the loop as this is a pertinent to deployment for us. Thank you.


Any update yet? At least a prognosis on what the issue is.


Hi Chris,

Thanks for your patience. Our engineering team is looking into what is needed to update the PayPal integration internally. PayPal has updated their SDK framework requirements for integrating their services and this adjustment is why you’ve encountered the errors you’re having. We’re looking into what is required to solve this internally.

I don’t have a timeline on completion yet as engineering is researching the overall work scope and requirements to update this integration.

As I hear more information on timeline for solution, I will pass this to you.


I know I seem like a nuisance, but we have hired people and cannot put them to work because of this issue. We can’t collect money for our workers when they go to provide a service. So it’s other people’s income in limbo because of this.


Understood. I will pass the information I receive on this item to you as I receive it.



With this update we are performing, there’s also a server end to this now. PayPal’s API now works through a service called Braintree. That’s why this is a much larger update then the hotfixes we perform. It’s actually really a replacement new plugin integration.

If you’re using your own server, there is a setup step in that end too. If you’re using a 3rd party server service, you’ll want to make sure they’ve handled their end of this setup process as well. Here’s some links to the setup processes for the server side of this so you can handle your due diligence a while so you’ll be up and running faster while we are also updating our side of this too. I want to help you be up and running as quick as possible so this will help speed things up if you’re completing your setup end as well at the same time that we are handling our internal end.

Server setup links and docs about halfway down this page…

Server setup instructions included here…


So payments won’t be processed inside the app anymore? Im not quite sure I understand what’s going on now.


I’m still learning about this too. Read those docs and we’ll figure it out together.


I’ll dig into it on my end.


I’m trying to remember your setup. We’ve spoke so much. How are you operating your backend? Have you set up something custom yourself or are you using a 3rd party service like Bubble/Backendless?


I have a dedicated box through GoDaddy that’s running PHP. Still trying to understand how this works. Do I have to build a web page and handle payments totally out of the Dropsource environment?


No I don’t think so. I believe the payment is happening in app still. But I think sales are linked via info on your server.

@Nate do you have a bit of insight on the server side requirements for PayPal?