[RESOLVED] Not working, 400 error response from dropsource


I was working on my login api from bubble, and when a user fails to enter the correct credential and when the login api runs, I have prompted it to show an error message.
However when the wrong credentials are put in, the error message doesn’t pop out. The progress overlay keeps showing and doesn’t hide, as intended.

It seems to be working at bubble’s end when I use the network activity
Please advice what I am doing wrong.
Thank You


Does your application in dropsource give a 400 error message?
I see that none of the 400 error message works for me.
Please advice.


@wade I think this is a problem with dropsource.
Bubble is giving the 400 error but dropsource is not executing any actions when a 400 error is encountered.
Could you please try calling an api and verify.


@sue @wade any help?


@hg.hermes.l Would you share a Build ID and any login/navigation information to the pages I need to look deeper into? You can tap my name here and personal message the sensitive information so we can find a solution together.


@wade I sent you a DM. Thanks for reaching out


@wade did you come across the 400 error in the application :sob::sob:


I have reported this issue few weeks ago, and the dropsource team couldn’t find a solution to it yet.

Now I’m pushing to submit the app to the store without fixing it.


I feel This error Is definitely from dropsource and I wonder how others who have published their apps found a way around this. I really do hope someone will get back to fix this error. This post has been overlooked for more than a week.


I have this same issue in my apps and its a bug i think from Dropsource.
Haven’t found any workaround for this.


We’re actively working on this issue at the moment. Multiple users are reporting this and I will follow up when we have solved this internally.


We’ve deployed a hotfix to address this issue. Please rebuild your projects and test that the error code triggering and appropriate actions are working as expected.


Yes its working now. Thank you so much @wade and dropsource team.