[Resolved] Need help with input field being blocked by keyboard


Hello @sue,
I wanted a little help for this.

  1. I have an input text field at the bottom of my screen. When I click on it to type something, the keyboard appears and covers the input text field. Is there a way to push the input text field above the keyboard when typing.

I came across a similar post, and it said [solved] but didn’t make sense at all. the solution was to click on navigation tab, and check mark “when keyboard appears”

Thank You

@seanhoots any input??


Hi @hg.hermes.l, I see you’ve marked this solved, could you provide a follow up so that other people can see how you resolved your issue? If you used the solution in the other post could you link to it here please?


I used the scroll view. But the scroll view does not have the tap on screen to hide keyboard. So we have to scroll the entire screen down to hide the keyboard again.


You can hide the keyboard by adding the function (hide keyboard) at the Page Touched event.