[Resolved] Import date from Dropsource Android/IOS to Bubble


That worked.

When I use Device Variable date it fails.

When I use Page Variable date it works.


Excellent to hear. Engineering is aware of this and is looking into options to make this work and/or utilize our error panel to help steer developers in the correct direction here. Thanks for working through this to a solution with the community, Justin.


How do you set a Date page variable type in iOS?

The only ‘date’ i see is:


But it’s not compatible with a date created from a Date picker on ios based on the issue checker.


Update on this - this was the correct data type, but I had it incorrectly set at ‘timestamp’ on the right hand value side vs holding short at ‘date’

All seems to be in order at this time.


Great work self troubleshooting the root issue!


Actually it doesn’t solve it for some reason and I keep getting this error:

{“statusCode”:400,“body”:{“status”:“INVALID_DATA”,“message”:“Invalid data for key date: Expected a date, but got a string (original data: “1567090560.0”)”},“args”:{“bubble_code”:“1567004152383x326404708418242600”}}

I have a Page Variable set as - is this correct??


Then I set the Date using a Date Constructed From Parts:

But when I go to bind the ‘date’ page variable to the Bubble API endpoint (receiving a ‘date’ type) I don’t have the option to end at just ‘date’ and must select ‘timestamp’ - but why isn’t it working???



Not sure if this is the official fix but what I did was select integer for the page variable data type and send the date as an integer to bubble and it works that way.


Seems like a logical way to go about it even if it’s not the only way to.