[Resolved] Image upload fails


If your image uploads fail, this is typically due to your system clock being out of sync. In order to successfully upload images into Dropsource, your computer clock needs to be in sync with Internet time. In your system settings, set your clock to automatically sync, and retry your image upload.

The process for syncing your system clock will vary depending on what operating system / version you are using, but typically you can access your computer time settings by clicking or right-clicking the clock that appears at the top or bottom of your screen.

Dropsource accepts PNG and JPG images, so if your clock is synced and you’re still having trouble uploading a PNG or JPG file, get in touch via the chat button inside Dropsource, attaching the image file you’re having problems with, and we’ll look into the issue.


Just an update that when this issue occurs you will now see an error message alerting you to the cause so that you can take steps to resolve it.