[RESOLVED] How To Open Google Maps On Users Device?


I have a set of coordinates that I’m trying to have a button inside of Dropsource that will open Google maps on the users device and search for the location based on the coordinates (lat long) stored in the database.


On Android use the “Open Maps App for Directions” action and set your starting and end location.


So every time i try and click the map icon i have set to do this it crashes the app.

Am i doing something wrong with my flow (below) ?


Could you supply a Build ID for this and instructions on how to crash the app with this? I can see if I can spot something wrong. I’m not sure the correct logical workflow for this situation but perhaps I can offer insight if I spot an error when it crashes.


Build ID: 1128737681406313866

After auto populated login, click:

image in the app bar.

Click on the 1st booked flight.

Scroll down until you see the 2 map icons.

Also - while you’re here, these should be actual maps, but because Dropsource doesn’t allow you to add a Map element to a dynamic element for some reason, you can’t assign the 2 sets of lats/longs to the two maps… This is something I still don’t know why such a limitation exists but i wanted to point it out to you through this use case.

Thanks very much


Any help i can get on this would be much appreciated as I can’t see what I’ve done wrong.

Thanks guys


In the BookedFlightDetails2 Page, It appears the crash where it is expecting to receive a decimal and it’s not there. With this being map related, I’m assuming something is messed up with the lat/lon coordinates here. We have to do a step where we convert a float to a double and when it’s looking for the float, it’s not finding it. A good start here would be to ensure proper coordinates are coming in from the response and the API Swagger and integration in Dropsource is setup correctly.


This is how the data is coming into the app:


Does the negative sign affect anything?

Currently I have it set as a Number in Bubble.



Easiest way is to change the type to a text type inside your back end and then call the Double value inside of Dropsource.


Perfect and I’d say best practice solution in this context of what can be done in Dropsource versus manipulated in the backend. Nice work!