[Resolved] How do I apply geographic location constraints


I am using bubble backend, and I was wondering how do i apply geographic constraints?
for eg. If i wanted to filter out events that were 100 miles away from current users location??
Please do advice thanks.


I see this was solved in a different post’s thread. I’ll provide the link here to that thread and set this to resolved. Great sharing of information is in this thread. Bubble Geographic search constraint type


@wade I’m not sure what i provided in that thread was the solution people are looking for.
Ideally people want to specify bubble geographic constraints in Dropsource like other bubble constraints.
For whatever reason when Dropsource implemented the bubble constraints this particular one was left out.
Wile the approach i suggested in that thread will work fine there is a limitation to it.
Bubble limits the results from an api workflow to 50 items.
This means if one expects more than 50 items their results will be truncated.

So i will wish we make this a feature request instead of tagging it as resolved.