[RESOLVED] Facebook Login Failure


Hi there,

I tried to add Facebook Login to our Android app after user tapes a Log In button. This is how the our set up looks like.

Unfortunately, I cannot log user in because of the following failure: “Not logged in. You are not logged in. Please log in and try again.” This failure I get not only on simulator but also as we test the app from android phone. Could anyone give a hint what I can do wrong?

Thanks in advance!
KR, Andrei


I have the same problem.


I have the same issue. I get the following popup error for Facebook login when testing: " Not Logged In. You are not logged in. Please login and try again.


Hi guys, @wade recently worked through some issues with a customer using Facebook so we’re currently turning what he learned into a doc, bear with us while we get that published, should be up within the next couple of days.

The main thing I’d suggest as a first guess is something to do with the key hash - if you build and run the app on a device, and attempt to login, do you see an error message containing a hash key? If so you could try pasting that into your Facebook Developer account for the app and see if it makes any difference.


Can we only test the facebook functionality on a real device?
I tried in the simulator and get the same error that others are reporting.


You can test this in Web Simulator. I believe if you see this, you need to follow “step 4” in the developers.facebook.com quick start guide for facebook login integration which has you use a terminal function to generate a key hash that you can use for this as well.



Thank you very much for your replies! I have generated the hash for Android at Facebook website as you told and after that my Facebook Login at dropsource started to work:grinning:


Oh good, thanks for the update. :relieved: