[Resolved] Editor Issues/ Bugs


For some reason when I press the text selector it does nothing…
The duration dialog works but not the custom text.


Also the To Do List Errors and Warnings seem to not be working…


Yeah… something is not right. The custom dialog is not working on anything and an element picker dialog is not shwoing all the elements.


Hm this is a weird one it sounds like something in your project is broken. Could you try reloading the editor (if you haven’t already) and if that doesn’t clear it can you send me the project URL so that we can look into it?


Also the categories/ separators in the actions were not there. I can get you the link but I can’t be on today. And I tried refreshing and even closing the browser and clearing cache.


Hi Mackenly, ok we will need that project URL as we have been unable to reproduce the issue at our end.




Hi mackenly.j! I’m one of the developers here at Dropsource.

We don’t see any issues on our end with your project. Could you provide us with more information on the steps you take that cause the problem? Also, once you identify the problem, could you send us your browser’s full console log. You can access that log in your browser’s developer tools.



Hey, I’ll make sure it’s still having the issues and if it is I’ll get it to you this evening. Thanks for the help.


All seems to be working well now. Not sure what the issue was.