[RESOLVED] Display Dynamic List Titles


How can i display Dynamic Lists for the multiple inputs fields added?
I have been developing a mobile app. In which when a user enter the details using multiple input fields provided and then press save. user will be redirect to lists page where the lists titles should be displayed as List 1 and List 2 and so on with all information inside.


Hello @harishkotapati

You can have the user enter info into those input items and send them to your backend through an api for storing. Then when you go to the list page, you retrieve the info with a GET request to your backend to retrieve the data and display it in a list by making a tile with spots to place each item of data you want to display.

Check out out tutorials on this at help.dropsource.com to get step by step walkthrough implementations.


Thanks for the information wade.


Absolutely! Tinker around and feel free to reach out with more contextual questions the community can help you answer along your journey!