[Resolved] Centering a Map View


Hello everyone,

I have a map view that places pins for all of the locations from a table of data. However, in the the iOS implementation of Dropsource there is no way to set the center of a map. I’m currently iterating through an array to get these pins on the map. Is there a way to set the center of the map view? I’ve seen one other post that was sort of about this topic but it was related to Android. Is there a way to drop a bunch of pins on the map and have the map view center with all pins visible inside of the distance that is set?


Just to update this, I have done ‘Set Value’ for the Map View’s center coordinate lat and lon. However, the map still does not center on this value. Here are screenshots of the set value.



Am I missing something here?


Update here. I figured this one out. I didn’t realize that under the Set Visible Map Region event, I had the location set to the Location Object I created at the beginning of the “iterate through array” event. So by removing the set values for the map center and moving the set visible map region outside of the iterate array, you can set the center of the map to a static point and then set the distance to display. See below:


This is a nice solution to it!!!