[Resolved] Can't Select A View



I’ve seen these issues before and i don’t understand what’s happening:

OW group is HIDDEN

RT group is showing

I can’t click anything inside of RT group… It CONSTANTLY takes me to the hidden ‘OW group’ and it’s impossible to work on RT in a way that uses the UI.


@justincrabbe could you supply me a build id and instructions to this menu please?


Note that this is inside the editor, not the front end.

Do you still need the build ID?


oh interesting. Ok then may I have any build id so I can tap into the editor with your project open and find this as well so I can show engineering. What page would I find this on?


Build ID: 1100155492265632605

Page name: Submit Flight Request 2


I think it’s working for me but maybe I’m not understanding. I will DM you here and send some screenshots privately so you can verify I understand the problem.


It has to do with selecting the correct element on the page that’s visible, but it defaults and selects the wrong element, that is hidden.

So you can’t actual select anything in the visible element, or edit anything inside of the visible element. Hope this helps. I replied also to your PM but wanted to update this in case others run into this issue in the future.


I see. Yea, just because it’s hidden doesn’t mean it isn’t there. If a hidden item sits on top of another item that isn’t hidden, clicking on it will still click the “hidden” item. Hidden doesn’t make it go away, just makes it so you can’t see it.


How can i access the item that’s not hidden? The one i need to work with?

Is there a way to ‘send to back’ or ‘bring to front’ so that we can overlay things and access things?


I found a solution.

I had to re-arrange the heirarchy of elements to the opposite of what one would think.


OW group (hidden) needs to be above any visible element that overlaps the hidden one, in order for you to be able to select, in my case, RT Group, from within the editor and make changes to the page.


That is absolutely correct. That’s how it can be manipulated. Nice work!