[RESOLVED] Cannot return event body string result to string variable in iOS


I’m getting a new error I’ve never seen. I cannot return a event body result which is a single string value to a string variable in my iOS project. The editor does not know what’s wrong, the build just fails. You must crack open XCode to see the error which is “cannot convert an NString to a string”. I’ve been returning single string values from my API to local variables in my app since I’ve been using Dropsource. Has anyone else encountered

this issue lately?


Hey Chris, could you copy the section of your Swagger spec that indicates the data type, definition etc for this field? Just in case something jumps out…



Thanks for sharing the spec screenshot @chris. There seems to be an internal issue related to Strings as responses and Engineering is solving an issue related to an Array of Strings currently. @Nate thinks that hotfix is going to aid in this issue as well.

I’ll reply here when it’s deployed and we can make sure it does solve the issue for you.

Thank you for bringing this up to us.


NP! Please keep me posted on the fix. Thanks!


@chris, I just received word that a hotfix has been deployed addressing an issue surrounding this area of the platform. Would you please test and let me know if this solves the issue and if it doesn’t would you supply me a new Build ID if I need to research further please.


That was it! I can build now. Thank you.


Wonderful! Thank you for your patience and for working with us to solve it.

Have a great day, Chris!