[Resolved] Cannot connect to apps.dropsource.com



I cannot download my test app due to this error “cannot connect to apps.dropsource.com”.

What can I do?
It worked several times before.



Hi @hendrik, you’ll need to use the whole link, starting from the “itms” part, if necessary copying the text from the email and pasting it into the browser (sometimes the email client will attempt to only open part of the link). If that doesn’t work could you DM me the link you’re attempting to download?


Hi sue, I am using the full link and did so successfully a couple of hundred times. How do I dm you :)?
(btw: it does not work for mutliple links on 2 iphone 8)


You should be able to dm me from my profile: https://forum.dropsource.com/u/sue

Just a note that the links are only valid for a certain period of time so you may need to create a new build if you’re using an older link.


The link is / the links are new.


My premium trial expired :wink: solved now


Ah, are you able to download your app successfully?