[Resolved] Build fail caused by application launched event action


If you’re finding that your project fails to build and you have added Actions to the Application Launched Event, these may be the source of the problem.

To check this, open Lifecycle on the left of the editor and click Manage for the Application Launched Event. Actions that require a page context will cause your build to fail. You can only use certain Actions in the launch Event, mainly those dealing with logic and variables - such as If Else and Set Value (for example to set an initial value for a device variable). Remove any other Actions from the list and try your build again.

If your build still fails send us a message via the chat in the editor and our developers will check your project to find the issue.


Hi Sue! Is there a way I’m missing to make Run API Requests at Application Launched? :confused:


Hi, no you can only make API requests in the context of a page, you need to add each request to a page in the API tab on the right, then you can use the Run API Request action in that page.


OK! Thank you! :blush: