[RESOLVED] Bubble api, do I need to have a paid subscription (bubble) if app launched in dropsource


Hello @seanhoots

Do we need to have a subscription with bubble, if incase the application is launched in dropsource?
I see other backeneds have pricing models for calling api’s.
How will it be for bubble.

Thank you so much for your time.


if you plan to run scheduled workflow. you have to pay. Otherwise you don’t need to pay. I pay because it is really needed when I need a webview. Bubble can do many things with a webview that cannot be done by the dropscore


Thank you for your response. I never could understand the meaning of scheduled workflow. Is it like, for eg. a user in my app will create an event, and after the event date passes, the scheduled workflow should delete the event?


A schedule workflow allows you to set a date and time which some action(s) should run.
This can be onetime or repeated.
For example if you want to send an email at the beginning of every month or charge a users credit card on a specific date each month.