[Resolved] Backendless app crash when GET data


I’ve tried the tutorial here

but none of them succeeded :confounded:
for the “POST” method, it works
for get data, it works only when using count ( GET/data/table/count)
but when I use to get an object, the application crashes.

Is there another way, I’ve tried it all day but haven’t found a way.

This video when success get count data table

This video when apps crash when get data object

This run api request when my app crash

how do my application not crash when get data


Hi @Mieyaa, could you please send me the URL for your API doc and I will give it a try in my Dropsource app. You can send the URL to the file to mark@backendless.com.



email sent thanks for help


Hi @Mieyaa, I was able to reproduce the problem you described. I believe the problem is actually in Dropsource rather than Backendless. Specifically, the problem occurs only in Android apps built with Dropsource as I was able to get it working with an iOS app (see the screenshot below):

In an Android app, a remote request is not even made, the app crashes before sending a request to the server.

@wade, you might want to look into it. The bug prevents anyone who builds an Android app with Dropsource from using Backendless.



Is the issue related to making the request itself? I wonder if the Swagger file isn’t correct? @Mieyaa do you have that on hand to look at?


The same swagger file works just fine in an iOS Dropsource app.


i sent you a DM details api docs from backendless. I need help making an application with a backend from backendless. It seems like everything is very helpful for non-tech person like me. when I used bubble as backend everything went well. but for backendless, the application does not work and is closed when retrieving data from backendless. I hope you can help me.

@markpiller thanks for your respone. I was very helped


Correction… the app doesn’t even get to the point of getting anything from Backendless. In fact it crashes before a request is made.


I have the same issue


I hope the Dropsource team can shed some light on this issue. We have checked the validity of the swagger file created by Backendless and didn’t see any issues. The fact that it works with the Dropsource iOS apps makes me believe there is something off with the Android implementation.


I’ve bought a source code license for Android, but it doesn’t work for backendless. Hopefully I’m not disappointed


is there good news that I can hear about my problem? @wade


@scheatham and @cchute can you assist here. Backendless integration on Android is not functioning as expected.


the application is still same, it doesn’t work properly. this is sad :confounded:


@cchute @scheatham could you take a look at this project. I left notes based on Mark’s feedback here regarding backendless integration in an Android project.


Yes let me take a look


@Mieyaa The message I got from the investigating engineer is this:

the problem is that he’s passing an array to the network call (props and sortBy) but not specifying the array type (string object etc) this is causing the crash.

If you have a followup on this, please ask it here and I can make sure he sees it.


I hope this problem can be solved. bubble and backendless two very extraordinary tools.
for me they are very helpful. dropsource is very good but expensive. So I hope the money I spend is not in vain. thanks @cchute @wade @markpiller


I followed tutorial, and it didn’t work. so I don’t know what the real problem is. But when I tried with a bubble, everything worked fine.


We’ll do everything we can to serve you. I replied just above with info for you to look at in how you form these requests/responses. Please ask any follow up.

On the topic of cost, in the grand scheme, the power to build a mobile app on your own, with ongoing support, and a fellow developer community to work with, without learning to code in Swift/Java/etc, is quite a discount at our rate. We do empathize that not everyone has the ability to afford such a premium convenient service and we hope that your efforts will not go in vain either.

Thanks for reaching out and again, if you need to follow up with another question, please flag @cchute in this thread as he understand the intricacies on this specific topic better than I but I will help ensure the communications pass efficiently.