Requesting Push Certificate for OneSignal - iOS


The documentation asks us to request for a “push certificate” via the help button in the lower right hand corner, but there isn’t a way to send a message in to anyone:


Where do I go to request the push certificate??


You will get this push certificate from us. Would you give me a successfully building Device Build of your project here and I’ll get you the certificate you need.


Thank you

Build ID: 1166458586606591725


Thank you. Giving this to engineering and I’ll private messsage you a file as soon as I receive it from them.


Awesome. Thanks very much!


@nate_frechette any progress made on Justin’s push cert?


Does this usually take 10+ days to receive?


This is an abnormal delay currently. I’m going to see if I can help speed it up this morning. Apologies on the delay. I’ll get back to you when I know more here, Justin.


Personal Messaging your .p12 cert now. Apologies on the delay here!


Awesome, thanks very much for this @wade!

It’s asking for a private key password of some sort it seems. Maybe it wasn’t originally sent from engineering when the certificate was generated?


Ah yup I forgot to pass it on. Just messaged you.