Reminder Notification for expiry date


In my application the main feature is to generate reminder notification to the user for a product expiry date based on the input expiry date.

  1. How can i add a date option for input field?
  2. Based on the input date(product expiry date), how to generate reminder notification a day before or week before if the input date is arriving ?

Can anyone help me please.



Hello @harishkotapati,

1- In iOS there is a Date Picker element for this. In Android, you have to create the UI for it manually with dropdowns etc.

2- The date management for triggering alerts a day before/week before will be something you can create in your own backend or a 3rd party provider. We don’t have that ability baked into Dropsource.

2a- As for Notifications. here’s a tutorial we offer on getting OneSignal push notifications setup in your project.