Proper iOS Onesignal Setup


I’m confused on IOS OneSignal setup…

Do I:

On the home page >

  1. Request notification permission (badge only?)
  2. On Success of step #1, get OneSignalSubscription Status?
  3. Save the OneSignal player ID for the device that is returned from that action?

What about the lifecycle settings? How are they used:

“User responded to one signal notification” - what is a ‘response’ ? a Click?

“User received one signal notification” - why would I need an event here??

Do the following relate to OneSignal setup?

“Application Will Present Notification” - is this a one signal notification? Or some other notification?

“Application Registered For Remote Notifications” - I assume this is once the permission is granted, but if i’m already running an ‘On Success’ action after that permission is granted, what is this setting used for or is it not needed if I’ve already saved the response from the Get OneSignal Subscription status to a device variable?


Lots of questions…

The 1,2,3 part sounds correct. Have you searched one signal and push notifications at Lots to unpack there.

As for all the potential actions and events. You don’t have to use them all. They are there for various contexts and you might need to tinker to find what is needed for your specific use case.