Problem with Notifications not registering users. (OneSignle)


@wade I’ve been having this issue with Notifications not registering new users and it show the following issue:

"Error 3000 returned from APNs. Ensure “Push Notifications” in Xcode under “Project Target” -> Capabilities are enabled. Check the device log in Xcode for more details."

I do the full testing cycle as suggested:

  1. I delete the app on the device (iPhone)
  2. Create new build, receive the link on email.
  3. Download & Test and accept notifications permission.

I keep getting the above error on OneSignal Dashboard.


@Vasco May I get a build Id from you? I’ll make sure the projects has the app capabilities set up properly


I will send it to you on Private Message, please can you PM me first. Not able to create a private message yet.


A build id only serves Dropsource internally and has no ability for a customer to do anything with it


Sure, here’s the info:

Build 158
Status: Success
Test Configuration: Mobile device
Build ID: 1095690591793188095


You asked me yesterday if I have used the Xcode and not sure you have received my reply.
I have NOT touched the XCode yet, I’m creating the build then I get an email of the build, then test it. All on my iPhone.



@wade Anything new regarding the notification issue?


@Nate I’m noticing that his @Vasco (Mubarak) has push notifications enabled in the project but OneSignal is alwrting him that the capabilities are not set up.

Could you have a look and see if something is amiss here?


Is there any following up on this?


@Vasco I don’t have any new information but I have time setup tomorrow with engineering to solve this together. There’s a couple support tickets concerning these push notifications and we’re going to solve them as well as see if there’s an internal issue happening here if they correlate. Thank you for your patience while we work this out.