Pricing Changes


Haven’t checked in a while but from the forum post it appears that the monthly option is gone and the yearly price per project has pretty much just doubled. Is this correct?


Hi Mackenly, we recently changed not only the pricing but the packaging structure for Dropsource, we did communicate with existing users in advance of this change so you might have an email from us from a few weeks back explaining how it would impact on existing accounts etc. Dropsource is now free to use including testing on mobile devices (which was previously a Premium feature), the only thing you have to upgrade for is to download your source code. We also had some changes to the support model, outlined in this forum post:


Okay. I didn’t get an email I don’t think but I also don’t currently have an active project.

In short now it costs $2000 per year per app on both OSs?


Hey there Mackenly. I’m sorry you didn’t see our pricing update emails. Let’s discuss this directly. I’m going to shoot you a message now.


Hi Mackenly, I am sure every app has its own individual story, budget, etc, however, simply from the math perspective, $2000/year for two apps comes down to $0.96/hr paid to Dropsource working for you on the full-time basis (based on 2080 working hours in a calendar year). With the average hourly rate for iOS/Android developers ranging anywhere from $15/hr to $80/hr (depending on the country where the developer is), I think the pricing is more than fair given the productivity boost, let alone the joy of development you get with Dropsource.

Just my $0.02 FWIW