Play a video (video won't play)


I tried to use the feature of play a video when a button was tapped, and i tried to put in a link for a video from youtube, and an amazon link but it wont play.

I get this error in network activity.
Please advice.


Following. I actually logged to ask this very question.

There seems to be a lack of documentation concerning which file types are supported, how-to do it, etc.

Are files downloaded then played or buffered so that it only downloads a few seconds ahead?


I believe its streamed right off the link, the files are already in amazon or youtube etc.
But somehow its not loading in the player.


HLS URLs do not appear to work.


Yes, I believe you’re right in the HLS topic here. @scheatham do you know if our video plugin has the ability to play .mp4 in the HLS live streaming codec? I’m assuming we’re not setup for that quite yet.


i also tried it with some you tube links and gives the same error.


I might be wrong but i thought youtube and vimeo used to work.
But i just tested and both doesn’t work as being reported.

For HSL i don’t know much about it but it seems some versions works while others (fmp4) doesn’t work.

This one works

This doesn’t work

I also copied an hls link from that @mackenly.j referenced in his other post and it worked.

But in the streams that worked the video was shown at the top of the screen with a gray area (about half the screen) below.
All testing was done on the simulator and not on device so not sure if that affects the results.

But again i remember youtube and vimeo links used to work but both no longer work as at this post.


Do any of these links work when loaded in a webview instead of using the Play a Video action?


I tried this link in webview and it works


Is this a potential solution for your needs? It might not be the best solution but does it accomplish the goal?


@wade is it possible to set the url of the webview to be dynamic?


You sure can. There’s a “Go to a page in a webview” action. Select the webview and drop in whatever String variable that has a good url in it and the webview will go to that url.


Didn’t work at my end.


I wonder if there’s a difference on iOS versus Android here?


@seanhoots Ah so YouTube used to work? And some HLS work and some don’t. I was under the impression for some reason that video URLs had to be from a file server (like s3) or a video CDN like Mux, cloudflare stream, ect.

As for OS that’s a good question @wade When I tried to use an HLS I was using Android and it didn’t work.

This, as with a lot of the actions in Dropsource, need more detailed documentation. That I know of, the only documentation for most elements is in tooltips in the editor. A list of all actions with a short paragraph describing them would be best.


I think something like a youtube link in a webview should work for iOS and Android for now but I believe you’re right that an integrated video player plugin would be quite handy for more custom solutions. I’ve added a vote on it to the tracker as it was already there.

As for the documentation, I think we can improve on this as well. We’re figuring out some goal objectives moving forward and I will see if we can add some priority to this dependent on the roadmap of tasks moving forward.

Thanks again for your feedback. I really appreciate the time you put into working with us to evolve the platform.