Pinch zoom on WebView



So I was wondering if it’s possible to disable pinch zoom on Web View, so user can’t zoom in or out on webpage. I think it is not possible by editing WebView element, but maybe with ‘set value’ or something.



Good Question It’s not possible in Dropsource but I have some manual options I found on Google…

iOS: Disabling it is not a native functionality for the WKWebView class but here’s a source with some potential options if you want manually adjust the source code before sending it to the App Store.

Android: It seems pretty straightforward with this source.

Either way you go, you can always take your source code from Dropsource and adjust anything manually. When you do however, note where you. adjusted things because you’ll want to make the changes with every build you decide to send to the App Stores.


Thank you @wade for your reply and help! :slight_smile:


Always happy to help!!! Thanks for reaching out :slightly_smiling_face: