Phone call in a webview


I currently have my Bubble app set up in a webview. We have a “Call” button and an “Email” button on our web app. When somebody is on our website and clicks those buttons, it opens up an email client and a phone client.

On the Webview in my dropsource app, that action doesn’t work. Does anybody know of a solution for this to work within the webview?


Hi @steven.junio91, I don’t believe you will be able to carry out that behavior via a web view. We have actions for creating emails and making phone calls but you’ll only be able to execute them on events that occur in the app - typically this would mean user interaction on native elements you have added to your app pages. Dropsource is not really optimized for web view apps, we’re more focused on creating native UIs so in order to achieve the kind of behavior you’re looking for you would likely need to recreate part of your UI inside Dropsource instead of presenting it in a web view.


Hey, i just saw your post. I did this on my app, but i didn’t test it that much. It was working when i tried it on a iPhone 6s, now i have a iPhone XS, when i use my XS, i have to “Hold” to call/text.

But here is what i did:

Go to your Bubble app, and go to the phone number you want users to call.
Place a HTML code on top of the number (Click “Bring to front”).

Add this to the html code:


You can replace the “12345678” with phone number data from Bubble, or just add the phone number that you want your users to call.

Sorry if i explained it bad, tell me if you don’t understand it.

  • Nicklas


I’m sorry, i can’t post the html code here, i can send it to you if you want.

  • Nicklas