Pausing/Stopping Audio Session causing app to crash / reset



I’ve created a very simple app that plays, pauses and stops an audio file using the information in this doc:

However, whenever I test it in the web simulator or via the app version it always crashes when I press pause or stop.

I’m new to Dropsource so am not too sure how to approach de-bugging it other than searching the forum.



Hi Greg! I’m happy to help. Would you please provide me the Build ID for the most successful build and walk me through the steps to make the build fail? I can look into deeper on my side to help figure out what’s going wrong.


Amazing - thanks.

Build ID: 1126179775435703720 on page “Viewer”.

I’m just populating with a static audio file based on the instructions in the post above, it plays fine (and the slider tracks the progress well), but the pause or stop buttons causes the app to crash and I can’t figure out why!


Sorry just to clarify on the first page (landing page) you should just hit submit and it will take you to the “viewer” page where you can press play


Hi Greg,

Thanks for all the details. That helps me dig in easier. So I see the crash is occurring because we’re trying to stop the timer and that timer Page Variable is still null. I think it’s because you’re not actually using that page variable when you start the time so since it’s never actually being used, when you go to stop it, there really isn’t anything to stop yet. I think you might want to choose the timer from this dropdown in this screen when you start the timer so that the page variable is setup properly so that you can stop it later.

Let me know if that makes sense.

See if choosing it here makes it all work for you…