Parkland iOS App


Hello! As a summer apprentice of Vaporware, Inc., I was assigned to create an app for on mobile devices. Coming from little background knowledge in iOS development, I received a lot of support from Dropsource.

Parkland app is like yellow pages in your hand – descriptions and contact information of places, services, or people are readily available. The current API supports search feature and displaying collections of resources.

Download the app to see what you can get out of!

Thanks again, Dropsource!


Here is a link to Parkland in the App Store!


Great App!

May I know how the search page was built? Trying to do something similar in iOS and not able to get it right.
Is it a custom control? I tried building something with table view and its not happening.

Any help would be appreciated.


See this post for my autocomplete search hack in dropsource. Everything was built in dropsource (of course except the api endpoints).

I haven’t tried on android but if android has a length property for a text field then you should be able to build it. Even without it if you’re ok making the api request on first character input then you can use the empty property (i assume there is).

Let me know if you have any questions after reading the link above.


Thanks @seanhoots for the help. Will try and check this out.
Though right away i can see making an API call for every text type would be an overload because we have a big data set to search through.Will try some sample and figure out. Thanks!


@BOOKACAN, yeah i can see your concern but that’s how actually most autocomplete api’s work. for example if you’re using google’s autocomplete api it makes several calls.
The key here is making sure your api source is really fast and readily available, possibly being hosted on a cdn. or you can index your data with algolia which is really fast (that’s what i used in this example).