Page properties? - ios



How do I edit page properties? I added a tabbed bar on the page and I am getting the error in the picture


@wade , any way to fix this error. for both the tab and navigation bars


How are you adding these tab bars? Might be a workflow issue here on how you’re going about this


They were added through the page setup, but i think i fixed the issue


Excellent. If you have any insight on what was happening, feel free to share so we can catch it quicker next time.

Great work troubleshooting.


Well essentially I created a UI for the background of my app. Noticing that I couldn’t bake the image into the template, I removed the image just to test the use case.

Immediately after I noticed the title bar and tab bar properties. Adding the image element masked those properties.

Do you think drop source will allow the template background to be an image file in the future? That would be useful for customization of apps


AHH I can see how that could stump anyone.

I don’t see the an image file as a template in the future. It’s not a native feature to do this. You can however set an imageview on the page and treat it like a background. I do understand that’s not exactly the same thing because it can run this issue here that you’re seeing. I will pass this up the chain and perhaps the engineers can see a way to help you when it comes to what’s available to see in the editor in the future.

Thanks for sharing this valuable feedback. It’s a spot where I think others would also be confused too.