OneSignal Default Notification Icon


How do we set icons for one signal?

Seems there is no default icon setting inside one signals dashboard and their support team is directing me to their docs which require icon paths to be I guess coded somehow into the app source code…

Is there a way to set a default icon that onesignal will use for notifications inside of Dropsource?


Located the setting in OneSignal app settings on the left hand side. Thank you.


Great to hear! I was digging in on my side and couldn’t see how to do it either so I was about to deliver bad news. If you have a moment… would you maybe share where it is in One Signal and potentially paste a screenshot in (if it’s not sensitive in nature) so that we can turn this post into a tutorial for others to value from?

Thanks for such an active participation level in our community!



The icon seems to call from the original Dropsource Settings for OneSignal.

Main thing is to be sure you select a .png file with a trans background so that it doesn’t have the Alpha set to where it looks like a white square icon on the device.

The dropsource settings screen is here:


Ah yes, that “alpha channel” has been an error I’ve come across in the past too. This is a good catch!