One signal certificate request


Hi! @wade i read that dropsources team generate certificate for one signal,

my build id is - 1180621126866048483

i would like to know how will works, when app are ready to publish.

thks like always!


Hi @gpremper,

I’m happy to help provide you with the Push Notification Certificate. I need you to create a device build however. The build ID you provided is for Simulator. When you build for Device, there’s a few other things that take place that are required for me to create a push notification for your project.

Please build for Device and provide me that Build ID and I’ll have your certificate to you promptly.

Here’s information on how Push Notifications using One Signal work with Dropsource. There’s more information on how they work from the One Signal perspective on their site help resources as well.

When it comes to deployment, in the guide aboove it is noted that this certificate works in your development environment but when you deploy, you’ll adjust your apps “Bundle ID” and this will correspond to the push notification certificate in your Apple Developer Account. This middle-man step we take here is to help you be able to test your app more fluidly before you deploy.


Hi @wade, :thinking: was a device build.
I build again



Thanks! That’s a good Build ID for creation.

I have sent you a personal message with your certificate attached.