On Start Event causing app crash


Hi Guys,

My app has been working fine all along but after a build yesterday, I noticed the app is crashing due to On Start Event. The same action is working well with On Resume. This might need to be checked…


Hello @TimNjeru. I’m happy to take a look. Would you reply with the Build ID of the crashing build please?


Thanks, Kindly take a look at this build… ID: 1056441149045682502


@TimNjeru updating you here… I found an error when I ran the app in Android Studio. I haven’t seen this 1 before so I am reaching out to engineering for some guidance here and I will update as I receive it.


Hi… I also started having app crashes yesterday (Monday) in pages with On Start Events when rebuilding an Android app that had been working successfully for builds done on the previous Friday. I can give you a Build ID for this app if it helps with diagnostics.


@daveg_47, I can look into it. Can you supply a build id and the steps to take to crash the app please?


Hi, a build which demonstrates the issue is 1057248070329391691.

To reproduce the crash you should login to the app (I will email you login details) and on ‘Assessment’ page tap ‘Start Assessment’ button which should take you to the next page but instead the app stops.
It is also possible to see the crash on another page by tapping ‘No Assessments’ after login and then tapping the second icon from the right on Nav bar (icon is paper and pencil) and this attempts to go to an Assessments Result page but again stops the app.
Both of these pages worked correctly when I built the app last week (26/10/18) see Build 1055817150850543266 for build done on that date.


@TimNjeru and @daveg_47 both of your projects are failing with the same error. I’ve worked with engineering and they’ve exposed this as a regression error on our side while updating a recent plugin. They are devising a hotfix to deploy and I will let you know as soon as it’s live so we can rebuild and test your projects out.

Thanks for bringing this up here in the forum as Tim’s question allowed us to address Dave’s as well. The power of the community coming together and the value we share here.


@anthonyk … Your current issue is the same as what’s been shared in this Post too. I will update everyone as soon as our hotfix is deployed so we can all rebuild and test together. Thank you everyone for your attention and patience.


@TimNjeru @daveg_47 @anthonyk Engineering has deployed a hotfix to address this issue. Would you please do this on your next Dropsource experience…

  1. Quit and reopen your Chrome Browser.
  2. Rebuild your project.
  3. Retest to ensure this solved your crashing app.


I followed steps as you outlined and after the rebuild the app is no longer crashing so looks like hotfix has sorted the issue.


Excellent to hear! Thanks for your patience while we worked through it together.