Notifications One signal help


Look… I cannot be the only one struggling like this with these notifications set up for one signal… Can some one just help me. The torurial really is confusing to me… I am truly lost. I will pay. Just help me get these stupid notifications set up .Geesh… lol Seriously I need help someone help me please.

Thanks a million.


Can you be specific so maybe we can assist? Which part is confusing you.
Which step did you get stuck?


All of it! really… All Of It! I made audio sound to explain… Here is my explanation To whom it may concern…



I responded to your frustrations and offered a solution pathway within our private message. I hope to work with you and find your specific confusion points while we step through the instructions together. If every step in our tutorial confuses you, that’s totally fine… we will start at step 1 and I’ll be happy to answer any question you have. Then we will do the same for step 2 and so on until you’ve integrated the push notifications feature.

I look forward to drilling into your confusion points and providing you with the answers that aid you in moving forward in your app development journey.


Thanks Wade. I emailed you as well… I am sure you got it. Again, you are AWESOME bro! Thanks…


Hey Wade and forum. Im lost somewhere with One Signal configuration and looking for any help. This is baffling me.
I believe I have everything setup correctly, build runs, approved by apple, and ask the user to accept notifications.

In One signal my app ID is matches that in Drop Source Settings

I updated my Bundle ID as always in X code which is the same as the one in the OneSignal App settings .

In the app we ask the user to “allow notifications”. I have at least 4 users who have accepted notifications, but in one signal I still do not see any subscribed users. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


If you send a test notification out from OneSignal, do any of those devices receive it?


Hello Wade Happy Holidays! Well I can not send a test notification because on the send screen it shows 0 Recipients… So in the screenshots below you can see my One Signal Dashboard for the app it says 22 Total Users but 0 Subscribed. I double checked that the Bundle ID and One Signal APP ID are correct in respective platforms please see the screenshots.



One more screenshot of DropSource settings for One Signal


Hello @wade Happy New Year! any thoughts on the above I am still having this issue


Hi @ajrumph,

Did you step by step through our guide on this functionality?

If so, lemme ask… When you reached the step in the image below… when you clicked “Check Subscribed Users” in the beginning here… did you see a message with a Congratulations - … ?

Would you step through these instructions and make sure it all checks out with that you have setup in Dropsource and One Signal. I’m wondering if there’s maybe 1 slight difference since it sounds like that “Total” number is incrementing but the “subscribers” isn’t which makes me think perhaps 1 thing isn’t being completed to setup the full on handshake here.


Hello @wade thanks for the help. Yes I double checked the tutorial to ensure I have all the proper configurations. I have the correct BundleID into OneSignal and the correct App ID in Dropsource. At the step 5 you mentioned above, it is registering with One Signal I did get a “Congratulations” message and it shows the app as live on the home page. In fact the Total number has now increased to 31. Maybe it has to do with my P12 file? Or is there something in the backend of DropSource we may need to update. There is a step where you manually produced the file for me, perhaps with my back and forth with Nate’s project it got lost in the shuffle. But that might not make sense because its registering something on OneSignal and shows as active.


This is interesting. I think it’s probably worth trying out a new .p12 file to eliminate that from this as well. Would you provide a current Device build id and I’ll direct message you over a new 1 to test out. It’s possible that something has adjusted in that sense since I know you had some special situations in your project.