Not Displaying Full List In List Tile - Only 1st Item


I have a list and list tile that’s to display a list of things but for some reason all i get is the 1st one and none of the rest despite the console indicating that there should be 3?!


Secondly - I get this ‘register’ error or something after it tries to pull the 3 results.

Are these issues tied to one another??



Hello @justincrabbe… is that error coming from your backend? That’s a new 1 on me.


It doesn’t seem to be related from what i can tell.

Dropsource isn’t pulling the additional items in the list for some reason.

I see the response contains 1+ items, but it only displays the 1st item in the list from the response received.



@wade how do I get someone to look at this?

The back end is fine.

The response is received as 4:


It only displays the 1st item for some reason.

Thank you