Not able to use Device variables in Landing Page for Android application


In Android application, I set a device variable and its value in login page. I tried to retrieve that variable in on start event in landing page to decide whether user has an active session and accordingly redirect him to either login page or home page. Though I could see the variable on the landing page, I am not able to complete the if expression as it doesn’t allow me to select string type value.

Not able to setup the if condition to branch out to either login page or home page based on Device variable value.


Can you share a build id for your app and also snap a couple screen shots and paste them here to show me what you’re trying to accomplish? I’m just a little confused on what’s being attempted here. We’ll get you squared away but I think I need a bit more context here.


Thanks for the response. Below are more details.

I created a device variable called userToken of String type.

In login page, I am setting the device variable userToken value to a response element from a rest call.

In the landing page, I am trying to check the userToken value to make a decision. As you see, this variable was created as a string. However, I don’t see String type option in the list of available data types.


Ahh I see. Thanks for adding context and a photo.

I remember this addressed before. have a look at the solution in this forum post. Instead of working with length, you can work with a boolean whether the value isEmpty or not.