Nexus 5 simulator problem


Why the background is not completed on Nexus 5 simulator as attached screenshot while it’s good on Nexus 7


You might need to experiment with the properties - styles settings you’ve used to set the image background and element size (for the element you’re using the image background on), if you can’t get it to work please attach screenshots of the relevant style and constraints properties.



Hi @Ahmed, could you try setting the image as the background of the page instead of as an image element?


Just to follow up on this with a little more detail. I reached out to engineering and the team did some investigating. Using a full screen image as background is actually not fully supported by default on Android, so you will likely encounter unpredictable results on different devices if you try to do this. In all honesty I would recommend trying a different design for your app that doesn’t require a full screen background image. If you need to implement this design you may need to alter your source code after downloading it from Dropsource to ensure it behaves the way you need it to on different devices.