Nested List Question


I have a messaging system…

A user contains a list of Threads which contain a list of Messages.

I have yet to work with a nested list before without structuring the back end in a weird way where I add the Parent Object unique ID to the Child object and then search for it each time with multiple API calls as the app pages change from one to another (User, Threads, Messages dynamic lists). This leads to bad UX and multiple calls which slow down the app though.

Is there a way in Dropsource to use a Detail page and pass the List Object from the initial API call instead of having to do a call on each page that gets loaded and format the back end in a way that links everything together by the Parent object Unique ID?


I think this will be a unique challenge within Dropsource. We don’t have a means of defining a custom data class that you could instantiate an object from and pass to another page.

This would be something possible from a coded point of view but it’s not a thing we have baked into Dropsource.

I think at this point, you’ll have to make a separate request to pull the data down to populate the dynamic elements in the new page.


No problem on this.

This is easily done at this point as we are starting a new app and back end from scratch.


Oh Wow… an exciting new project?

May I ask Justin… Since we seem to have several ongoing threads of various context on numerous projects… how many apps on iOS and Android are you simultaneously developing?


1 other app. FAR easier with the knowledge gained.

We are at a roadblock with the other because we cant compile or import a swaggar anymore.

We are hoping to (finally) be able to launch those this week.


I see Nate is actively working with yours and the unique error it’s creating. We’ll keep the context of the issue there so the information gets to you properly and promptly. Thanks for your patience while he’s troubleshooting.