Need help with notifications


Anybody out there confident and comfortable with notifications for iOS using One signal for either fire base which ever is easiest. I need help getting this done. One signal appears to be the easiest but I need some serious handholding. Step-by-step live session perhaps with A remote connect. Will pay, we can talk about price. Just can’t afford Waze and the guys and that’s why am reaching out to the forum. Keep in mind to, you’re helping one of the fellow forum members LOL. Seriously, call me 702-675-8893 the name is Marcel


If anyone would like to help Marcel out here, you’re also able to tap on his name in the forum and send him a direct message if you’re less comfortable moving straight to phone call. Just want to show that option as well.


Thanks Wade. I didn’t consider there would be hesitancy regarding making a call… I appreciate you always helping out. You are awesome!