Native share button on IOS and Andriod


Some time ago I asked fro this feature, any update?

Also would like to add function to call App store rating feedback, for IOS I think it is SKStoreReviewController


Hi Eric, apologies for the delay, I wanted to check in with engineering on this. Unfortunately the share button is not currently prioritized for development and the team is pretty flat out with a number of major engineering efforts that’ll likely take some time (same goes for the rating feedback function). Couple of things to bear in mind:

  1. We are in the process of exploring different ways to manage feature requests, as you know it’s been a little ad hoc in the past, so we’re looking into options to do something more robust that will help people monitor the status of each request.

  2. We are also in the process of preparing to open our plugin system to user contributions. I’d say that a request like this (that isn’t a particularly commonly asked for feature) would be a good candidate for a user-contributed plugin. The engineering team is also exploring product developments to open Dropsource to more customization/extension options and that might allow users to add this kind of functionality, but the detail on that is tbc.

So in a nutshell while it’s doubtful that our internal engineering team will be in a position to build this type of plugin any time soon, if you can bear with us hopefully this stuff will be possible using other methods in the not too distant future.


Hi @sue I just wanted to ask if there is any update on this topic?
Is it possible to do it with something like addToAny ir similar? Or any workaround I can use to share something from the app mainly to Whatsapp?



Hi Carlos, We still do not have embedded functionality included for this and it’s not on the timeline currently.


Hey @wade thanks for reply.
Actually I have kind found a workaround for this and for scaling an image, it is not optimal but works for my needs, it’s instead of use a view image, use a web view for show the image, here I am able to scale it with pinch and zoom, and open a web page with the image link and here I can use the safari built in share button.

How to zoom in an image when showing in the screen?

That’s genius! Thanks for sharing your trick with us!