Native In App Purchases / Subscriptions


I’m super interested in getting native in app purchases, specifically subscriptions. Is that something planned and if so what’s the time frame? I may be open to getting a custom plugin developed.

I can do it with a workaround but the native aspect is super valuable to me.


I totally understand your want for it. It’s not currently on the timeline for completion internally. We have it documented on our feature request tracker and I will add another tick to the count for how many times this feature is requested.


Is that something that could be privately commissioned/expedited as a plugin?


I also request for this


Thank you for your request. Dropsource is currently not working on this feature and it’s not currently on the timeline for completion.

@mackenly.j perhaps that’s a possibility. If you’d like to discuss this more as a potential Professional Services inquiry, please email to discuss Professional Services opportunities in more detail.