My Movie DB - Android


This is my Android development from You can check popular movies and see their official trailers.
The movies source is come from TheMovieDB’s API -

This is not a commercial application or tool application.
Application source code is opened at GitLab:

I also suggest with @Dropsource that we should have ‘project’s members’ feature that we can build team or open for public contribution.


Here is a link to My MovieDB on the Google Play store:



I am testing “Dropsource”. The API themoviedb is not usable on your platform. (See the screenshot below)
The URL is

I have the error message:“Invalid spec. Click here to see the errors…” > “the provided url did not point to a valid JSON file”.

can you help me ?

Thank you very much


Hi @Ramdam,
The API Spec URL should be a swagger specification and not not simply your api endpoint.
See this link below for instruction on setting up your api and using it in your dropsource application.


Thank you Seanhoots for your answer.
I’ve checked the endpoint url is the one :

You can see the description API here :

Do you have any other ideas please ?

Thank you


Hi @Ramdam,
As i explained, it is not the endpoint url you import into dropsource but rather you need to import a swagger specification file. The swagger specification file will contain all the api endpoint urls you want to call in your dropsource application.
You can create a swagger specification for your endpoint using a tool like stoplight.
See the tutorial below on how to create a swagger specification that you can import into your dropsource application to call your endpoints.


Hi @Ramdam,
I have seen your question about the MovieDB application that I have used for exploring the features of Dropsource at long time ago.

For further information, I used TMDb’s API as mentioned above, followed their documentation and used Swagger Editor to generate the JSON file for upload to Dropsource. I have tried my best to look for the json file, but I have failed (a year already), sorry.
So, my suggest - if you still want to explore my source with Dropsource - then you could follow their document and generate new JSON file for upload. I just used GET APIs for videos listing and video detail.


P/s: I have follow @seanhoots’s suggestion. Yes, it seems Stoplight is a better tool to integrate 3rd party’s APIs for Dropsource. I should try it on next project.