My app can't load maps from Mangomap


Hello everyone

I’m trying to integrate our maps from Mango with an App. So I took the Web View option and put the URL: Maps

The problem is when I’m trying to see this maps in my cell phone, and it can’t load anything from it.

¡Help me please!


Hi @daniel809462… We’ve never tried integrating with Mango. Would you share a successful build id please so I can pull a working version of your app down and see if I can spot anything out of the ordinary internally?


Hi Wade, thank you for your answer. The ID of a successful build for android is: 1229849414876043887



@daniel809462 I’m not seeing any errors appearing. Can you guide me a bit from app start to where I should be seeing something you’re not expecting please?


The problem is that the page must show the map menu, and from it, select other maps. The app don’t show anything from mango like Chrome o Firefox in my cellphone. Thanks


@daniel809462 What is Mango?

And also… to display these maps, do you just need a webview element to pull up a certain website?


Yes Wade. How I can solve this? Thanks for your help.


If you point the webview to the appropriate URL for the map, it should appear. If not, it’s possible that it’s on the map providers side that they may not support the WKWebView class that’s used on our side. But can you pass me a build id where you’ve tried this and also explain where I’m supposed to navigate to in the app (like what buttons do I tap to get to the appropriate screen) and I can see if I see any errors internally.