Multiple Canvas Options (Feature Request)


A common issue I have when designing apps is getting every page and element responsive. It is a quite tedious task due to having to create a new build every time when trying to get it to look right on every screen. Even sometimes after testing on all the dropsource emulated devices I still have to make further chances once I start device testing. I can imagine that this also takes a large amount of time for others too.

A solution to this, I believe, would be to allow the workbench canvas size to be changed via the preferences dropdown. It could have a few different popular screen sizes and allow users to enter custom px values. Is this something that’s possible?


I like the idea and I know it’s something we’ve talked about before. I will make sure this is in our Feature Request Tracker and note this posting to it for context. Thank you for bringing it up. I agree this is an area we can improve on.