Loading data from a local file or DB


Hi there!

I was wondering if Dropsource have the ability to load and write data stored in the local phone? We are developing an app that need to store some values from configuration and customization on the side of the user, so we intended to save this information on a JSON file or SQLite DB, but we haven’t been able to find that function or API on the platform.


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Hi there, we don’t currently provide local storage but it is planned for development in the near future.


Ok. Thanks for the quick answer!



I am also working on a new app that would greatly benefit from a simple SQlite local database implementation on dropsource for an agriculture application.

Can you advise when you expect this feature to be available to developers? Liking your platform so far, but just getting started…


Hi Richard, cheers for the feedback! :slightly_smiling_face:

Our engineering team is actually currently working on an initial local structured data implementation (not the ability to create an sqlite db but a basic ability to store data offline). I unfortunately don’t have a fixed release estimate for that but I’d say it’s likely to be in the coming months. Hopefully you can continue making progress on your app without it…!


Hi Sue,

Is there any update on this ability to store data offline? I can see it looks to be able to be done on iOS writing a local file, but cannot see anything on Android - is there a release date for this?



Hi Greg,

We have the ability to cache data offline locally for both iOS and Android. Here’s a post we made about it with additional links to resources. New Feature - Device Connectivity and Offline Cache


Thanks, I’ll check it out


Hi Wade,

I’m looking to look up a value in a database (a URL to an AWS database which has an audio file in it). This cache looks to just save the URL offline, rather than the media behind it. Is there anyway to save the audio file to the device rather than just having it streamed? I’m not sure if it defaults to streaming or if it defaults to downloading to the device.



@greg_mosley that’s a great question. Unfortunately local storage cannot handle storing audio file data types.

Just in case you haven’t seen this, I want to show you this. In our help.dropsource.com, we have a walkthrough on playing audio in your Dropsource projects.


Hey Wade, was a super helpful article that I followed to build my audio player. However, one of the key features I was looking to build into it was the ability to save it offline for listening later but looks like it’s not yet available. Do you know if there is anything on the roadmap which will support offline media?

Really appreciate the support, sorry for so many questions!


Ah I see. That makes sense. I’m also glad to hear that walkthrough helped you along the way.

I wish I had better news on the offline audio topic. It’s not on the roadmap moving forward.