List of objects as Page Variable


Hey guys

I’m new with dropsource, so don’t scold me very much if you see something wrong in my questions/answers =)

I have a simple chat app (iOS), and I retrieve new messages via long-polling, and currently I’m stuck with that.
I’m looking for a way to have a page variable and put there new message objects from api response, and when the list is changed I want to update my TableView component. But I can’t see a Array/List type for Page Variable

Is there a way to create a new Page Variable with type: List of some Objects?, or maybe there is a better solution.

Thanks, Vlad


Hi @valodya.upirov, you won’t currently be able to manage that data locally in your Dropsource app because we don’t provide local storage (that’s why you don’t see an array/list type). Currently the only way to manage structured data is via API request, so you would essentially need to retrieve the entire list from your API each time you want to update it.

In all honesty we are not currently well optimized for chat apps or any kind of realtime data display, but our engineering team is currently exploring offline data implementations that should help in cases like this.


ok, thanks for your quick reply


Hi @valodya.upirov, welcome to dropsource forum.

See if this example can help you hack something useful for you…


I want to make array in page variable. In java like this:

name[0] = "Lake";
name[1] = "Santy";
name[2] = "Soe";
name[3] = "Milan";
name[4] = "Jacob";
String[] name = {"Lake", "Santy", "Soe", "Milan", "Jacob"};


I have read this link

but I don’t understand. how to do it with. dropsource.
Can you help me with screenshots. To be easy to understand @seanhoots @wade @scheatham

Thanks for your help


@Mieyaa we don’t have a means of creating this array within Dropsource. We have the ability to iterate through an incoming array however. If you can construct your array on the backend and submit it back to the app, you can use the Iterate through Array event action upon it and complete this.