Landscape View?


Is there anyway to use an app in landscape mode? I don’t necessarily want to use the entire app in the mode. I just want one page to function in landscape. I’m trying to create a virtual loyalty card. I can see the best way to do this would be to place an image of the card on the page and then dynamically replace text fields with the card number from the user account and then use a barcode or QR code API to generate a scannable image of whichever code I was to use. Any thoughts on this ?


I believe that I see this isn’t possible based on another topic that was posted. Is this correct still?


Hi @matt,

Yes you are correct in that landscape orientation isn’t supported with Dropsource. Some developers have gotten creative with layouts to sort of hack a solution together but in the situation you’re describing, I don’t think it’s going to work too well even in a creative sort of “hacky” way either. I recommend considering a solution that works within a portrait landscape for this. Sorry that I don’t have better news on this for you on this.


Hey Wade,

Thanks for that. After I posted this, I read through some old threads and found one related to this topic. Maybe the new iteration of Dropsource will accommodate this!

As always thanks for your help!


I am not sure as of yet but I hope so too.

Happy to help. Thanks for reaching out!