Klaim iOS and Android apps - built with Dropsource


Eric and the Klaim team successfully used Dropsource to build, test, and publish their iOS and Android apps. The Klaim app is a marketplace that offers amazing deals personalized to your interests. Local shops or businesses create promotional campaigns and you get exclusive access through Klaim. In addition, Klaim has a loyalty program known as Koins.

Their Bubble-connected app includes geolocation, push notifications and social sharing as well as other native features.

A very cool app from the Klaim team that you should check out, good work guys!

Link to iOS app
Link to Android app


Nice app, like the concept and design!


Thx Will for the kind words and this would not have been possible without Dropsource as I am not a developer. I started using Dropsource in the early days before market release and the team was always very helpful with questions and enhancement requests. Special thanks to @sue and @Nate.


Cheers @Erics, always a pleasure, and the app looks great! Already getting fantastic reviews as well I seeā€¦ Thanks for being an early Dropsource adopter and valued community contributorā€¦! :tada: :fireworks: :confetti_ball:


Hey @Will,

How did you send the geolocation to bubble from your dropsource app? I am struggling. Tried sending the location (String), lat (Float), long (float) to bubble. The API response is a success but no data added in the database.


I sent it as a number to Bubble.

I process it within Dropsource to open maps etc. as a Double.