Issues with scrolling


I have set up a map and dynamic scroll with 100% width and 100% length. However, when trying to move my map around to select the location I desire, the map doesn’t allow me to scroll up and down, it can only scroll to right and left as you will see that in below video:


Another problem also showing in dynamic list where wasn’t able to scroll to the bottom of my dynamic list as seen in the following video:


All of these problems and other issues have been happening to me for any edit I made in within the last month or so.

I installed it to my android phone and the issue is there. It’s not just in android simulator or web simulator…

Seems like there are many bugs keep happening - (other bugs are reported in other posts).


By the way @sue or @wade, this issue is different than the scroll view issue. These pages do not use a scroll view. It is just standard map and dynamic list


Hello @rkresnadi, Would you please supply a Build ID for this project so I can look deeper into the issue.


sent you the build id in private chat and some steps to reproduce the issue.


@rkresnadi I’ll take a look. Off the bat though, are these elements sitting inside a scrollview? For instance… the map… Is that in a scrollview? When I see that video and that it can’t be scrolled up/down but works left/right, it makes me wonder if the phone is trying to scroll whatever view it sits within instead.


No scroll view anywhere on these pages.

The dynamic list should allow you to scroll and you should be able to drag the map without scroll view.


1 thing I see @rkresnadi that looks not typical in your design is that there is a dynamic list and a map both held within a parent container view. When you scroll the map up and down in that video you posted, I see the other elements scrolling as well. I think something else is taking precedence when you scroll up and down. I’m looking at your project and 1 thing I wonder if that dynamic list is getting in the way here. I would set the heigh of the list to 1 pixel to get it out of the way and then test the app to see if the map works then.

Would you try that test out to see if the map scrolls better without the list sitting atop of it?


I wonder if the issue with the lower image is that maybe that dynamic list is actually falling lower than the screen so it’s scrolling to the bottom BUT the bottom of that list is set lower than your page can display. I might play with those constraints and see if that might be the case here. It looks like it could be that.


@wade thanks for looking. The map is in different page. I suspect is the two buttos above te dynamic list causing it but I couldn’t see anything wrong with it.


Yea I think don’t quite understand the dynamic list being there actually. I don’t see it’s use. Could you try removing it from that container view and set it to hidden to see if that’s what is affecting that map from scrolling up/down?


Which page are referring to? Myload? That page displays a list in the dynamic list so I need the dynamic list. There’s no map on this page.


On myLoad, that’s the page where I’m recommending adjusting the constraints and ensuring that the actual bottom of the table isn’t below sitting down below the page. To ensure this you could set it up with a bottom constraints of 0% or 0px maybe off the bottom but experiment with the options available to you there.

On the searchMap page is where the map is and it’s the “Dynamic List 1” that also inside of the “View Map” view that I think you should try removing from that container view since it’s also being shared by the actual map that takes up the entire height/width of the View Map container view you have there.


Ah… ok
make it like this?

Regarding the searchmap, you are suggesting to put the dynamic list outside of the map view? like this?


Yea these are what I’m suggesting trying. Experiment with both and see if you find more favorable results.


Solved as you suggested @wade, I have to make sure the bottom constraint is set to 0


Also, the dynamic list can’t be inside of other view.