Issue with Dynamic Views


Hi! I’ve a problem with some Dynamics Views not showing any data at all. The Cardswipe Controller, Page Controller and Collection View stays blank when running the app, however Table View works fine.

The way I’m making them work is exactly the same as the second, (as specified here: setting data source, setting to dynamic content when applicable and adding responses to them, also loading image from url, but anything is displaying.

Maybe is a bug, or maybe is that I’m not doing something right.
I’d really appreciate if you can help me resolve this!


Hi there, can I check that you’re doing a couple of things:

  • adding a Run API Request action to actually execute the request
  • rebuilding your project each time you make a change (using Run > Back to Menu)


Yes, of course! :sweat_smile: I’m doing all of these things.


OK can you try something for me so that we can identify the source of the problem - in the Events section of your request, can you add an action to the 200 OK event, choosing Set Value. If you can set e.g. “OK” in a text element on the page then run the app that will establish whether or not the response is being received. Hope that makes sense!


Working! :tada:

I created a new project and it’s now working. I don’t know the difference, because I’m using exactly the same, but creating this on a new project solved my issues!

Thank you anyway Sue! :sweat_smile:


Brilliant thanks for the update!